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Frequently asked questions...

What is Plan Ahead's 1:1 floor plan service?

Plan Ahead offers a unique service where we project your architectural drawings at a one-to-one scale, allowing you to literally walk through your future residential home or commercial project before it is built.

What do I need to bring for a walkthrough at Plan Ahead?

All you need for a walkthrough at Plan Ahead is a PDF file of your architectural drawings and to arrange a time that suits you. Our interactive projection studio takes care of the rest, projecting your plans at a life-size scale. We also have model furniture on-site to enhance the life-like feeling of your design. Just bring your ideas and we’ll transform them into a visual and tangible reality.

Who can come to the walkthrough appointment?

You’re welcome to bring anyone involved in your building project to the appointment, including your family, architect, or builder. This ensures everyone can visualize the space and contribute to the planning process.

Is Plan Ahead's service child-friendly?

Yes, we offer a family-friendly experience. While you continue your immersive tour, your children can visualize their future room and enjoy our specially designed Play Pen, which features its own projection screening for kids’ entertainment.

Can we record our floor plan walkthrough?

Certainly! We understand the importance of revisiting your walkthrough experience for further planning. We permit recording of the session, so you can review it at your leisure.

What is the benefit of a floor plan walkthrough?

A floor plan walkthrough can help you visualize your space better than a 2D drawing, allowing you to make instant decisions, prevent costly changes at the building stage, and reduce waste for an eco-friendly building process.

Is the service suitable for both residential and commercial projects?

Yes, our floor plan walkthrough service is ideal for both residential homes and commercial projects.

Where is Plan Ahead located?

Plan Ahead is based in Kilmihil, County Clare, Ireland. We’re proud to be the first-ever projection studio offering a 1:1 floor plan service in the country.

Do you offer services outside of Ireland?

Currently, our services are available for projects within Ireland.

What is the Interactive Projection Studio?

Our Interactive Projection Studio is a state-of-the-art facility where we use advanced technology to project your architectural plans at a life-size scale.