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Rethink how you plan your next home.

Plan Ahead’s Interactive Projection Studio is now open in Kilmihil.
Walk-through your home at life size, 1:1 scale before you build and avoid potential costly changes at the building stage.

Location: Kilmihil, County Clare, Ireland

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Trying to imagine the space you will live in? Wondering if your kitchen layout is exactly how you want it?

Plan Ahead’s 1:1 Interactive Studio Walk-throughs

At Plan Ahead’s Interactive Projection Studio, your dream home will come alive in life size scale to provide an immersive experience where you can test and measure your plans before you commit to the build.







Our interactive studio projects full scale plans & elevations

Experience your future space like never before with Plan Ahead's 1:1 floor plan walkthrough. Invite your architect or builder to join in, discussing innovative and cost-saving ideas as you explore your life-size plans in our state-of-the-art interactive projection studio.

Family is part of the journey too - your children can visualize their new bedroom and enjoy our Play Pen, featuring its own projection screening for kids' entertainment, while you continue your immersive tour.

At Plan Ahead, we don't just transform architectural plans into full-scale realities, but we also instill the confidence you need to initiate construction. Let our walkthrough specialist guide you in turning your dreams into reality and starting your building project with absolute certainty.

How it works

Get in touch and send us your plans

When you book an appointment, we will get in touch and discuss what files you have.


We prepare your plans

Our team will convert your floor, wall and exterior designs into life size plans ready for your walk-through.


Arrive for your appointment and walk-through your home!

The exciting part – where you get the chance to ‘feel’ what your home will be like!


What's included


A walk-through of your life size plans where you can measure and try out the spaces you are planning.

Plans & Elevations

Full, life size scale plans & elevations will give you the chance to understand heights, layout, functionality and configurations.

Physical Furniture

To help you visualise your spaces, we have a range of furniture that can be rolled-in and arranged on the plan.


A variety of objects can be placed on the plan to help you visualise size and volume e.g. roll-in a prop to simulate the kitchen island bench and ensure it fits your lifestyle needs.

What our customers are saying

We checked out Plan Ahead to see what all the hype was about and were impressed how easy it is to visualise your home as you walk-through the plans! It gave us the confidence to start the build.

John & Paula BrooksOwner Builders

We pride ourselves on delivering homes that function perfectly. Using the Plan Ahead Interactive Studio helps us iron out any last details and improve how the house flows.

Gary MarksDeveloper

Plan Ahead made our plans come alive! Everyone planning on building should do a walk-through.

Jack & Mary GrahamInvestors

Simply put, Plan Ahead's studio is an excellent tool that can significantly add value to your home and save thousands at the construction stage.

Mark ReidHome owner

Our pricing

30 minutes


VAT included

Our 30 minute walk-through provides enough time to look at your plans in full size and confirm your design and layout.

60 Minutes


VAT included

Take advantage of discounted rates if you feel you'll need extra time to consider your plans, roll-out some props and get a really good feel for your design.

90 minutes


VAT included

Further discounts apply for our 90 minute walk-through that gives you plenty of time to discuss ideas, roll-in some props like a bed or kitchen bench.

Don't wait any longer.
Book a walk-through of your home before you build and avoid potential costly changes at the building stage.

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